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We are dedicated to helping others experience healing, growth, connection, and empowerment through the arts.


hum·​ding·​er  \ ˈhəm-ˈdiŋ-ər. \

a striking or extraordinary person or thing
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Performing arts

visual arts

the Many benefits of dance

The discipline, fitness and social skills that come from learning ballroom dance will last a lifetime! We currently offer youth formation and partnering classes as well as introductory classes for young children and homeschoolers. Contact us to reserve a space in one of our classes or at our next youth dance party!

dancing to learn life skills

For over 40 years, Ron Clark has worked with Columbus area schools to teach grade school children life skills through dance. Dance Unite and our global counterpart, 10/40 Mission have partnered with Ron, using this curriculum to give students an opportunity to enter adulthood with dance as a foundation for social interaction. Respect, courtesy and confidence are emphasized as kids not only learn to dance, but also learn to take responsibility and personal ownership. Contact us to reserve a time for your school or co-op, or click below to find out how the curriculum fits into the state of Ohio Scope & Sequence!

visual arts to increase wellness



Creating art increases self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment in adults and children. It increases motivation and improves concentration; it can also help people deal with strong emotions, increase self-awareness and self-worth and decrease stress and anxiety. Art can involve a wide variety of creative expression including drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting, and more…



Benefits of the performing arts

When kids portray characters onstage, they practice putting themselves in others’ shoes.

Academic Performance
Participation in drama boosts kids’ feelings of belonging and keeps them motivated at school.

Performing onstage is frightening for newcomers, which is why students feel an immense confidence boost after they practice hard, work together, and successfully stage a play for friends and family.

Building Bridges
Children of low socio-economic status or with learning disabilities have shown higher levels of motivation, confidence and improved attitudes when they take a drama class.

Drama students work together to meet rehearsal deadlines, master challenging scenes and develop a work of art in a limited timeframe. They also learn to set smaller goals for themselves as individual performers.

OSU Cancer Research

Cancer treatment can cause mobility issues for some people. Research conducted by a team at The Ohio State University discovered that dance therapy—specifically the Argentine Tango—can counteract some of the balance and movement problems survivors experience.

We are honored to partner up with the Ohio State University in its sponsorship of the Tango for Cancer classes.




dance unite news

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Dance Unite Newsletter

Dance Unite Newsletter

DANCE. UNITE. Six months ago, Dance Unite was incorporated to inspire dancers of all ages and abilities, to foster their growth through high level training by professional dancers and instructors, and to cultivate a community of dance students, educators, artists and...

Katt Baumgartner, Scholarship Award Recipient

Katt Baumgartner, Scholarship Award Recipient

Here at Dance Unite, our mission is to support students and instructors during these uncertain times. Recent events have had a detrimental effect on the arts--artists of all kinds have been unable to work, perform, teach and study. The ballroom dance world is not...

Dancer Spotlight: Peyton Kazee

Dancer Spotlight: Peyton Kazee

Meet 19-year old Peyton Kazee: Born with an undetected bowel birth defect that resulted in a loss of over 80% of his small intestine, Peyton was not expected to live long enough to return home from the hospital. Thanks to the support and determination of his parents,...

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