Meet 19-year old Peyton Kazee: Born with an undetected bowel birth defect that resulted in a loss of over 80% of his small intestine, Peyton was not expected to live long enough to return home from the hospital.

Thanks to the support and determination of his parents, he defied the odds and became a medical miracle.

Diagnosed with autism at a young age, the determination and strength modeled by his family throughout his life, has enabled Peyton to overcome adversity, meet the challenges that have come his way, and thrive.

Peyton has not only fronted several rock bands (you won’t find a bigger Beatles fan!), but he also plays baseball, and loves to go to parks, zoos, rock concerts, and museums—visit his Facebook page linked below and learn all about Weird But True Ohio!

Peyton has long participated in adaptive dance classes combining mixed dance forms. Settling on tap, over the past few years he has been able to perform with his father, Mike.

Peyton only recently began learning ballroom dance, and according to instructor Natalya Krimmel, he has exceeded all of her expectations, and truly inspired her with his sincerity and enjoyment of this dance form. His mother, Donna, agrees, sharing that this dance experience privides great opportunities for improvement of physical health and social interaction.

Dance Unite is excited to support Peyton as he trains for his first competition. Stay tuned as we follow and share Peyton’s journey!
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