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Monetary Donation

Every donation counts in our efforts to bring healing through the creative arts via our local community and international outreach programs.

Monetary donations can be designated for specific areas, including student scholarships, instructor training and support, building fund, or international outreach.

All donations over $250 are tax-deductible.

Donate Needed Items or Supplies

Donations can be made of art supplies, musical instruments and proper dance shoes and attire

Studio at 1156 Dublin Road

1156 Dublin Rd. Suite 102 Columbus, OH 43215

Hours of Operation

M – S 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


(614) 321-2348

Donate Your Time

Volunteer at a fundraising event, or give your time as an educator to instructing youth and adults in the creative arts, including music, visual arts, theater, and dance

How Donations Are Used

Donations are used to support students and instructors! Practice wear and shoes for dancers, art supplies, and musical instruments can be provided to students that may not otherwise have the option to purchase these essentials. Lessons and coachings can also be donated, for an even bigger impact!


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