Here at Dance Unite, our mission is to support students and instructors during these uncertain times. Recent events have had a detrimental effect on the arts–artists of all kinds have been unable to work, perform, teach and study. The ballroom dance world is not immune! Many studios are working at very low numbers and struggling to stay afloat. We believe that dance is an essential form of therapy, and beneficial to health in so many ways, and we hope to help as many instructors as possible to make it through this difficult time.

Dance Unite is proud to award ballroom instructor Katt Baumgartner with an instructor’s scholarship award. Katt Baumgartner is a professional ballroom dancer, competitor, choreographer, and instructor. Her dedication to her students has found her commuting from Dayton for 10 years, teaching hundreds of students and consistently ranking in the Top Teacher line-up at the Ohio Star Ball. We are excited to support Katt as she will be opening a studio soon in Virginia to continue her passion and commitment to the ballroom dance community. Many thanks to those donors that have contributed to our general fund, making this possible!

If you are interested in supporting dance programs in central Ohio, there are many ways to help! Donations are accepted through our website, or you can participate in our fundraising programs. Dance Unite holds salsa dance party fundraising events on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at DanceEdge studio in Grandview! Join us for salsa dancing, and to raise money in support of dance programs, students, and instructors like Katt!

To follow Katt’s journey, visit her on Instagram or Facebook!